DATA STRUCTURES WITH C (SCHAUM SR.) (English) 1st Edition(Paperback) Author: Seymour Lipschutz Language: English ;Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Education

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DATA STRUCTURES WITH C (SCHAUM SR.) (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) 

Data Structures With C is a reference book for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering on the subject of data structures.

Summary Of The Book

Data Structures With C is a book that deals with data structures in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. With various educational features that have been added to the book, it helps the students to understand the basic fundamentals of data structures in a more precise manner. Some of the chapters that have been covered in this all inclusive book are arrays, records and pointers, string processing, preliminaries, linked lists, graphs and their applications, IPv6 protocol, trees, cryptography and network security, internet security, sorting and searching and ICMPv6. Furthermore, it also consists of seven appendixes dealing with HTML, XHTML, XML and XSL, Unicode, Checksum, positional numbering systems, client-server programming in Java, error detection codes and miscellaneous information.

The book also helps the students apply procedures and algorithms using C. Data Structures With C also provides a broad coverage of topics like pointers, heap, and hashing and collision resolution techniques. By including easily understandable presentations on trees, sorting, recursion and searching methods, the book becomes a perfect package for all engineering students.

The book also consists of nearly 175 examples, 75 C programmes, 100 problems on programming, 160 unsolved supplementary problems and 175 solved problems, making it very easy for the readers to grasp the subject. With a large variety of multiple choice questions, the students get more practice and are able to revise the subject.

About Seymour Lipschutz

Seymour Lipschutz is a prominent author whose expertise lies in writing technical books on mathematics and probability including ten texts written in the Schaum Series published by McGraw-Hill, which have sold many copies around the world. Seymour Lipschutz is also the author of Vector Analysis, Linear Algebra, Complex Variable, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics.

Born in Brooklyn in 1931, Seymour received his degree from Brooklyn College. He also taught at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute before joining Temple University, where he published 48 research papers. He has also received an honorary professorship from Southwest China Normal University in 1997. His books have also been translated into many languages like French, German, Hebrew, and Japanese.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview
2. Preliminaries
3. String Processing
4. Arrays, Records and Pointers
5. Linked Lists
6. Stacks, Queues, Recursion
7. Trees
8. Graphs and their Applications
9. Sorting and Searching
27. IPv6 Protocol
28. ICMPv6
Part 6 Security
29. Cryptography and Network Security
30. Internet Security
Part 7 Appendices
Appendix A: Unicode
Appendix B: Positional Numbering Systems
Appendix C: Error Detection Codes
Appendix D: Checksum
Appendix E: HTML, XHTML, XML and XSL
Appendix F: Client-Server Programming in Java
Appendix G: Miscellaneous Information

Specifications of DATA STRUCTURES WITH C (SCHAUM SR.) (English) 1st Edition (Paperback)

SpecializationElectronics and Communication Engineering, B.Sc(Computer Science), Electronics and Communication Engineering
PublisherMcgraw Hill Education
Edition1st Edition
Number of Pages676 Pages
Publication Year2010
Series NameSchaum's Outline Series
AuthorSeymour Lipschutz